100PCS 5*20mm Glass Fuse Current Fuses Kit (Plastic Box)
Durable and lightweight design for long-lasting performance. Compatible with 5 x 20mm fuses, providing a secure and snug fit. Rated voltage of 250V ensures reliable electrical protection. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including household appliances, electronic...
Dhs.12.50 AED
13.56Mhz MFRC-522 RC522 RFID + S50 Card + Keychain (Original Chip)
High-frequency RFID module: This RFID kit utilizes a 13.56 MHz RFID module board with an integrated RC522 IC for reliable and efficient contactless communication. Versatile compatibility: The module board supports the ISO 14443A/MIFARE mode library, making it compatible with a...
Dhs.7.10 AED
180PCS Button Switch Kit (Plastic Box)
Set of mory tactile push button switch with 10 values of 180 Uni Suitable for various applications including television, equipment, computers, intercoms, remote control, and more High precision mechanism design ensures reliable and durable operation Provides tactile feedback for responsive...
Dhs.16.60 AED
Blue backlight LCD display module. Uses I2C interface for data communication. Allows data display with only 2 wires. Saves Arduino controller pin resources. Ideal for projects with limited pin availability. Compatible with Arduino and other I2C devices. Does not consume...
Dhs.7.30 AED
2 Channel Low Level Relay Module with light coupling 5V
2 Channel 5V Relay interface board for controlling appliances and equipment Capable of handling large currents Can be controlled directly by various microcontrollers (Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic) Each channel requires a driver current of 15-20mA...
Dhs.6.60 AED
200 Rectifying Diode Set - Ten Specifications, Low Noise, Sharp Reverse Characteristic, Durable Plastic and Metal Materials, Storage Box Included - Ideal for Device Maintenance and Electrical Equipment
Ten different specifications included in the diode set for versatile applications. Tighter tolerances ensure precise performance and low noise. Diodes designed to stabilize and clip high power ratings in circuits. Sharp reverse characteristic and low reverse current level for reliable...
Dhs.22.00 AED
200PCS Electrolytic Capacitors 0.1uf 50V-220uF 10V Kit
High quality, general purpose, miniature electrolytic capacitors.  Convenient and practical use.  Includes most popular types of capacitor.   Safely packed in plastic case.  Suitable for a wide range of electronic application
Dhs.11.80 AED
210pcs Screw Kit for Robot Accessories
Comprehensive mounting kit with standoffs, screws, and nuts for various projects Designed for mounting circuit boards and building robots Comes with an adjustable compartment parts box with 13 compartments for easy organization Transparent parts box for a visually appealing and...
Dhs.37.00 AED
220V 60W EU Plug Soldering Handy Kit
Handy soldering kit with a 220V 60W EU plug for convenient use Standard dual spring soldering iron holder with sponge for holding the soldering iron securely Safe and stable base design to prevent burns or damage Professional soldering iron with...
Dhs.64.00 AED
25GA-370 12V 400RPMDCReducer Gear Motor with Encoder
This brush DC motor possess stable performance and high efficiency, convenient for you to use. Made of high quality copper and stainless steel material, sturdy and durable for a long service life. The product possess stable gear transmission, wear‑resistance, and...
Dhs.31.80 AED
3.3-5.5V HC-SR04+ Ultrasonic Sensor 4pin
Uses IO trigger for at least 10us high-level signal Automatically sends eight 40 kHz pulses and detects pulse signal back Measures time of high output IO duration for calculating test distance Test distance formula: (high-level time × velocity of sound...
Dhs.6.80 AED
30 Sensor Kit Explore the World of Robotic Sensors and Artificial Intelligence
Explore the world of artificial intelligence and its integration into various aspects of our lives, especially in the realm of robots. Understand the importance of the control system in robots and how microcontrollers serve as their brains. Discover the role...
Dhs.1,655.00 AED
37pcs Sensor Kit(Plastic Case,with CD)
37-piece sensor kit. Comes with a plastic case for easy storage and organization. Ideal for electronics projects, experimentation, and learning. Sensors cover a wide range of functions, including temperature, humidity, motion, light, sound, and more. Compatible with Arduino and other...
Dhs.48.00 AED
4GB E14 Version Raspberry Pi 4 Model 4B BCM2711 Quad-core Cortex-A72 1.5GHz 4GB RAM with Dual Band WIFI Bluetooth Support POE
Best performing single-board computer from Raspberry Pi FoundationUpgraded model with various memory options, up to 8GBFeatures true Gigabit Ethernet for fast networking capabilitiesUSB-C power input for convenient and reliable power supplyEquipped with USB 3.0 ports for high-speed data transferSupports dual...
Dhs.789.00 AED
50PCS 3296W Adjustable Resistance Kit
Serves as voltage divider and t divider. Adjust and stabilize voltage Multiturn trimmer potentiometer kit  Convert t and voltage depending on the electric circuit Control the t of electric circuit connected with it Protect t and voltage while input overloading...
Dhs.31.80 AED
50PCS High-Power Three-Terminal Regulated Triode Kit (Plastic Box)
The 3-terminal voltage regulator is often used to stabilize the circuit to prevent the circuit from being burnt due to excessive voltage. The regulator kit contains 10 specifications of LM317T, L7805, L7806, L7808, L7809, L7810, L7812, L7815, L7818, and L7824....
Dhs.35.00 AED
530pcs Colorful Heat Shrink Tubing Insulation Set
Made of Polyolefin material for durability and reliability Shrinkage ratio of 2:1, meaning it shrinks to half its supplied diameter when heated Available in various sizes for professional maintenance and home DIY work Plastic box packaging for easy portability and...
Dhs.17.00 AED
5V 4-Phase Stepper Motor+ ULN2003 Driver Board GREEN AA091=AA087+AA089
Silver stepper motor with a diameter of 28mm Operates at a voltage of 5V No-load pull-in frequency of over 600Hz 4-phase stepper motor with a reduction ratio of 1/64 Provides a pull-in torque of over 34.3mN.m at 120Hz Step angle...
Dhs.8.20 AED
620pcs Dupont Connector 2.54mm, Dupont Cable Jumper Wire Pin Header
【Easy to Use】Easy to cut soft iron and copper wires, headpins, eye pins, small chain, tiger tail, cords etc., not suitable for hard electrical wires. 【5-Inch Wire Cutter】Heat treated carbon steel ensures the cutter is hard enough for durable usage....
Dhs.22.00 AED
9g metal steering gear MS-1.5A pack V1.2
Description: The MS-1.5A servo is developed independently by Makeblock. Its dimensions are similar to common 9g servos. Specification: 9g metal steering gear MS-1.5A pack V1.2
Dhs.115.00 AED
ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Module
AZ-Delivery ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Measuring Module can measure current up to 5 Amperes, and are compatible with Bascom.. This ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Measuring Module comes with the Current Sensor Chip ACS712ELC-05B.. These Current sensors are suitable...
Dhs.7.10 AED
Deluxe Kit with USB Cable Dupond Line Alligator Clips for Children Kids with Paper Box
Makey Set Deluxe Kit with USB Cable, Dupond Line, and Alligator Clips for Children Kids. Allows you to hook up various fun things as input. Tricks your computer into recognizing almost anything as a keyboard. Uses high resistance switching for...
Dhs.37.50 AED
DIY Automatic Flower Watering Automatic Irrigation Module Soil Moisture Detection Automatic Watering and Pumping Type A
DIY kit for automatic irrigation system with soil moisture detection and automatic water pumping. Components included: relay module, soil moisture probe, comparison module, small pump, battery box, USB power line, silicone software, and 50cm pipe. The relay module controls the...
Dhs.14.50 AED
E4-1 Electronics Package A (Paper Box)
E4-1 Electronics Fans Package A is a comprehensive kit for electronics enthusiasts. Includes a wide range of electronic components, modules, and tools for various projects. Components may include resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, sensors, and more. Modules such as Arduino...
Dhs.11.20 AED
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