Official Arduino Starter Kit for beginner [English projects book]
 Easily prototype industrial applications and minimize time to market  A powerful carrier exposing Portenta peripherals (e.g. CAN, RS232/422/485, USB, mPCIe)  Multiple connectivity options (Ethernet, LoRa, CAT-M1, NB-IoT)  MicroSD for data logging operations  Integrated audio jacks (line-in, line-out, mic-in)  Standalone when...
Dhs.450.00 AED
AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack
AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack with 31 mBuild electronic modules and 10 accessories packs Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apply it to everyday life with sensors and visual programming Programmable in block-based and Python languages for a versatile...
Dhs.2,300.00 AED
Arduino Starter Kit with Certification
Bundle includes an Arduino Starter Kit and access to the Arduino Fundamentals certification exam. The certification exam is developed in consultation with interaction designers and electronic engineering professionals. The exam assesses skills based on practical tasks from the Arduino Starter...
Dhs.750.00 AED
Arduino CTC GO Core Module
CTC GO! is an educational program designed for high school students, focusing on STEAM subjects and technology as a tool for learning. The program uses a modular cross-curricular approach, allowing educators to teach various STEAM concepts through project-based learning. CTC...
Dhs.8,740.00 AED
Arduino CTC 101 Program- Full
  Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101 (CTC 101) is a unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program offered by Arduino. CTC 101 is designed to provide a comprehensive and modular learning experience for students aged 13 to...
Dhs.9,600.00 AED
Arduino CTC 101 Program- Self Learning
Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101 (CTC 101) is a STEAM program consisting of 5 modules designed for students aged 13 to 17. CTC 101 is the flagship Arduino Educational Program for schools, offering a comprehensive learning experience in creative...
Dhs.8,765.00 AED
Arduino Explore IoT Kit
The Arduino Explore IoT Kit is designed to introduce advanced high school and college students to the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT). The kit provides all the necessary hardware, software, learning content, and support to facilitate a...
Dhs.800.00 AED
mBuild-AI & IoT Scientist Add-on Pack
AI & IoT Scientist Add-on Pack includes 18 mBuild electronic modules and 7 accessory packs. Modules include Speaker, Motor, Servo, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Water Pump, Ranging Sensor, Slider, Light Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Joystick, Temperature Sensor,  MQ2...
Dhs.1,057.00 AED
Arduino Education Starter Kit
Teach middle school students programming, coding, and electronics with the Arduino Education Starter Kit. No prior knowledge or experience required; step-by-step lessons guide students through the process. Teacher guides and resources support educators in implementing the curriculum effectively. Lessons can...
Dhs.2,300.00 AED
Arduino Starter Kit Arabic- Language
  The Arduino Starter Kit is a comprehensive package for getting started with Arduino, coding, and electronics. Includes components and step-by-step tutorials for making 15 fun projects. Suitable for STEAM enthusiasts, businesses, and schools. No prior experience required; introduces coding...
Dhs.450.00 AED
mBuild- AI & IOT creator ADD on pack
AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack includes 13 mBuild electronic modules and 9 accessories packs. Modules include Speaker, Motor, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Fan, Ranging Sensor, PIR Sensor, Dual RGB Sensor, Angle Sensor, Extend Block, and Rechargeable Lithium...
Dhs.1,100.00 AED
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