DIY Automatic Flower Watering Automatic Irrigation Module Soil Moisture Detection Automatic Watering and Pumping Type A
DIY kit for automatic irrigation system with soil moisture detection and automatic water pumping. Components included: relay module, soil moisture probe, comparison module, small pump, battery box, USB power line, silicone software, and 50cm pipe. The relay module controls the...
Dhs.14.50 AED
ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Module
AZ-Delivery ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Measuring Module can measure current up to 5 Amperes, and are compatible with Bascom.. This ACS712 5A Range Current Sensor Measuring Module comes with the Current Sensor Chip ACS712ELC-05B.. These Current sensors are suitable...
Dhs.7.10 AED
MQ-131 Ozone Gas Detection Sensor Module
MQ-131 Ozone Gas Detector Sensor Module Sensitive material: O3 SnO2 Higher conductivity with increasing gas concentration Converts conductivity change to corresponding output signal of gas concentration High sensitivity to Ozone (O3) Also sensitive to O3, CL2, NO2, etc. Requires a...
Dhs.73.00 AED
MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide Coal Gas Sensor Module
High sensitivity and fast response time Output: Analog resistance Simple drive circuit Power heater coil with 5V Add a load resistance Connect output to an ADC Package includes: 1 x MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide Coal Gas Sensor Module
Dhs.7.80 AED
MQ-4 Natural Gas Methane Gas Sensor Module
Gas sensing material: Tin oxide (SnO2) Low electrical conductivity in clean air Increase in conductivity with higher concentration of combustible gas Simple circuit for conversion to gas concentration output signal High sensitivity to methane, propane, and butane Suitable for monitoring...
Dhs.7.30 AED
MQ-2 Smoke Gas LPG Butane hydrogen Sensor Module
High-quality dual-panel design with power indicator and TTL signal output Four screw holes for easy positioning Analog output voltage proportional to gas concentration Low-level TTL output signal for easy microcontroller or relay module connection DO (TTL) output for switching signal...
Dhs.7.30 AED
MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor Detection Module
Lower conductivity in clean air High sensitivity to Ammonia, Sulphide, Benzene steam, smoke, and harmful gases Converts conductivity change to gas concentration output signal Suitable for detecting harmful gases and smoke Sensitivity adjustable Fast response and recovery Signal output instructions...
Dhs.7.80 AED
3.3-5.5V HC-SR04+ Ultrasonic Sensor 4pin
Uses IO trigger for at least 10us high-level signal Automatically sends eight 40 kHz pulses and detects pulse signal back Measures time of high output IO duration for calculating test distance Test distance formula: (high-level time × velocity of sound...
Dhs.6.80 AED
KY-031 The Knock Sensor Module
Detects shocks using a spring mechanism Sends a signal to the Controller Board Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V Provides a digital output signal Includes bolt holes for easy installation
Dhs.5.15 AED
KY-005 Infrared Transmit Sensor Module
KY-005 Infrared Transmitter Module with a 5mm IR LED Works together with the KY-022 IR receiver module Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266 Operating voltage: 5V Forward current: 30 ~ 60 mA Power consumption: 90mW Operating temperature: -25°C to...
Dhs.4.65 AED
KY-018 Photosensitive Resistor Sensor Module
Spectral characteristics: UV light-sensitive resistors, infrared light-sensitive resistors, visible photoresistor Dark current and dark resistance: Current flowing in the photoresistor without light irradiation, ratio of applied voltage to dark current is dark resistance Sensitivity: Relative change in resistance from dark...
Dhs.4.45 AED
KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall sensor
Signal output instructions included. Single signal output. Effective signal output in low level. Adjustable sensitivity for pure tone. Signal output when field cuts are detected. Switch quantity output on circuit boards.
Dhs.5.00 AED
KY-026 Flame Sensor Module IR Sensor Detector For Temperature Detecting
High sensitivity to infrared waves between 760-1100nm Power supply indicator lamp and comparator output indicator lamp included AO (analog output) provides real-time thermistor voltage signal High/low electric level signal output available Analog quantity output Threshold rollover electric level output Threshold...
Dhs.5.00 AED
KY-003 Hall Magnetic Sensor Module
Hall effect sensor for detecting magnetic fields Analog transducer that outputs voltage based on magnetic field strength Used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing Signal line is HIGH when no magnetic field is present Signal line goes...
Dhs.4.50 AED
KY-032 IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
Detection distance: 2-40cm Working voltage: 3.3 - 5.0V DC Current: 20mA Output signal: TTL level Effective angle: 35° Adjustment: Multi-turn resistance allows for precise calibration and customization.
Dhs.6.00 AED
KY-015 DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
100% brand new and high quality DHT11 sensor adopts The module can detect surrounding environment of the humidity and temperature High reliability and excellent long-term stability output form digital output has fixed bolt hole and easy installation Humidity measurement range:...
Dhs.6.40 AED
KY-008 650nm Laser sensor Module 6mm 5V
650nm 5V Laser Sensor Module Operating voltage 5V ; Power 5Mw ; Wavelength 650nm ; OD 6mm Package Include: 3 Pack Module
Dhs.4.60 AED
KY-037 Sound Sensor Module
Module has 4 pins, with 2 for power supply. Pin 1 is the analog output, providing a value corresponding to the intensity of the received sound. It can be connected to Arduino analog pins. Pin 4 is the digital output,...
Dhs.5.00 AED
Sound Detection Sensor Module
Sound Sensor Module with LM393 main chip and electret microphone. Working voltage: DC 4-6V. Signal output instructions with a single signal output. Effective signal output for low level. Output goes low and signal light turns on in response to sound....
Dhs.5.50 AED
Deluxe Kit with USB Cable Dupond Line Alligator Clips for Children Kids with Paper Box
Makey Set Deluxe Kit with USB Cable, Dupond Line, and Alligator Clips for Children Kids. Allows you to hook up various fun things as input. Tricks your computer into recognizing almost anything as a keyboard. Uses high resistance switching for...
Dhs.37.50 AED
Blue backlight LCD display module. Uses I2C interface for data communication. Allows data display with only 2 wires. Saves Arduino controller pin resources. Ideal for projects with limited pin availability. Compatible with Arduino and other I2C devices. Does not consume...
Dhs.7.30 AED
37pcs Sensor Kit(Plastic Case,with CD)
37-piece sensor kit. Comes with a plastic case for easy storage and organization. Ideal for electronics projects, experimentation, and learning. Sensors cover a wide range of functions, including temperature, humidity, motion, light, sound, and more. Compatible with Arduino and other...
Dhs.48.00 AED
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