2024 MakeX Explorer Arena Upgrade Kit - Eco-Pioneer
Tailored for compatibility with the 2022 MakeX Explorer Eco-Pioneer Kit Enables seamless participation in the 2024 competition Offers upgraded components and features to enhance performance in the competition Facilitates a smooth transition from the 2022 kit to the requirements of...
Dhs.2,189.51 AED
2024 MakeX Explorer Add-on Pack
Specifically designed to complement the mBot2 When combined with the mBot2, forms the complete 2024 MakeX Explorer Educational Competition Kit Offers flexibility for users who already own an mBot2 or those looking to customize their kit for the 2024 MakeX...
Dhs.1,352.61 AED
2024 MakeX Explorer Digital Pioneers Arena and Frame
All-inclusive kit for building the 2024 MakeX Explorer Digital Pioneer arena. Includes detailed instructions for easy assembly. Versatile for both training sessions and official competitions. Enhances engagement and learning through hands-on construction. Designed to meet the requirements of the MakeX...
Dhs.3,608.70 AED
2024 MakeX Explorer Digital Pioneers Educational Competition Kit
The 2022 MakeX Explorer Educational Competition Kit provides: abundant mechanical parts, allowing you to build robots in multiple forms and with multiple functions. professional, systematic, and competitive course. expanded batteries and enhanced battery pack, promising a longer battery life. high-performance...
Dhs.3,680.00 AED
BYOR KIT Explorer
Dhs.765.00 AED
BYOR KIT Explorer
Cutting-edge knowledge in engineering, data science, AI, and IoT covered in the 2022 MakeX Starter Educational Competition Kit. Suitable for classroom teaching, student club activities, and multi-task and creative robotics competitions. Comprehensive courses designed based on the K12 curriculum, including...
Dhs.765.00 AED
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